SoftCell, our new project in collaboration with INSERM and CNRS

For several months, Planktovie, in collaboration with INSERM and CNRS, has been leading an ambitious program to develop a unique process for producing cells for therapeutic use. Inspired by geophysical work describing the movements of magma, the young startup had the idea of reproducing what happens under our feet by developing a bioreactor in which the shear forces are perfectly controlled. And this is exactly what ultra-fragile cells such as marine phytoplankton or human cells for therapeutic use such as stem cells need.

The patented processes implemented in this reactor allow the expansion of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) which will eventually be used in a large number of indications including hematological malignancies. The marine phytoplankton involved in this project is known to produce molecules of pharmaceutical interest of primary importance (targeting ion channels).
This project, which has just been accredited by Eurobiomed and Medicen, demonstrates the interest that can exist through public/private partnerships in fields as transversal as medicine, marine biology and earth sciences.