Zebrafish meeting 2017

The Zebrafish meeting in Budapest, 2017


One of the largest professional meeting for aquatic animal models users is coming to Budapest, Hungary. From July 3rd to 7th, the Zebrafish 2017 conference will cover a large range of topics on zebrafish and other teleost species. Planktovie will be among the hundreds of participants. Along our presence as exhibitor (right by the plenary hall’s coffee break area!), we will also present our protocol for large-scale rotifers culture during one of the poster sessions.

Our session will be an opportunity to discover solutions to face the challenge of producing enough rotifers to meet the nutritional requirements for larval zebrafish feeding. Zebrafish is now considered a reference animal model for advancements in fundamental and biomedical research. But, to fully exploit its potential, optimized quality feeds are essential. The protocol we present describes a method to produce millions of rotifers each day for a minimal cost and low maintenance. A method which also shows very high survival rate and rapid development of zebrafish.

If you would like to further discuss these possibilities before, during or after our session, feel free to contact us or connect through our LinkedIn page.

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