Counting Chamber, Glass


S­50 Sedgewick Rafter, Glass

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Glass counting chamber – S­50 Sedgewick Rafter

Material: Glass
Slide Size: 76mm x 40mm
Chamber Size: 50mm long x 20mm wide and 1mm deep
Chamber Volume: 1ml
Grid: 100 x 1mm squares
Cover: Glass (60mm x 30mm x 1mm thick)

Package Size: 1

Sedgewick Rafter Counting Cell Slide

The Sedgewick Rafter Counting Cell Slide was designed specifically for the quantitative measurement of the exact number of particles in a precise volume of a fluid. The Sedgewick Rafter counting cells are used widely in water analysis, culture inspection, and any other fluid where particles per unit volume must be determined.

The Sedgewick Rafter chamber is constructed as a flat slide (76mm x 40mm) onto which is cemented a ‘wall’ to form a chamber or cell in the middle. This chamber is 50mm long x 20mm wide and 1mm deep and its base is marked with a grid of 100 x 1mm squares. When filled with liquid and with a cover glass placed over the chamber a 1ml volume of liquid is trapped. When used under a low magnification light microscope, each of the grid squares equates to 1 microliter of liquid.

The cell is available in glass and plastic versions. The glass cell is designed for repeated cleaning and re-use. It is made of high-quality optical glass with a chromium surface image and is intended for continued use and whenever using phase contrast.

But whatever form of the cell you purchase, the process is the same. Each type has a central cell that is filled with the fluid to be tested and a coverglass limits the volume to precisely 1 ml. The grid subdivides this into microliters (e.g. µl).

Each cell is supplied with one cover glass

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