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Zooplankton dispenser for zebrafish


The Fishgun L1 is a semi-automatic live feed dispenser specially developed for aquatic facilities and aquaculture nurseries, to always get a grip on zebrafish feeding. A technology developed by the University of Sorbonne and Planktovie. It completements our FISHGUN D1 which has been designed for delivering dry feed.


It is composed of :

  • An ergonomic handle for easy and effortless use,
  • A digital screen for better control of operations,
  • A technological system for delivering live food (rotifers, Artemis, etc.) by activating a pump, connected to an 8L tank. The plankton living inside the tank is continuously homogenized thanks to an air pump added to the system.
  • An induction charger for better safety and robustness,
  • An RFID scanner to identify aquariums and deliver the right amount of feed for zebrafish.


Feeding your zebrafish is now easier. With the FishGun L1 in your hands, you can:

  • Improve the accuracy and reproducibility at which you feed your fish,
  • Operation time saving and reduce labor cost,
  • Reduce musculoskeletal disorders of zootechnicians,
  • Have a versatile solution to feed your fish (ex: zebrafish) throughout their life cycle.


Find out here the User guide Fishgun L1


Here is a tutorial video of the Fishgun :



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