FISHGUN L2: Live Zooplankton dispenser for aquatic animal facilities.


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Semi-automatic dispenser for live zooplankton


Developed by Planktovie, the FISHGUN L2 is a semi-automatic live feed dispenser (Artemis, Rotifers, etc.). This laboratory equipment has been designed to facilitate the feeding of aquatic models (e.g. zebrafish) by zootechnicians in aquatic facilities or hatching nurseries. It complements the FISHGUN D2 which was created for the distribution of solid feed (granules, powder, etc…).

It is composed of :

  • An ergonomic handle for an easy and effortless use;
  • A digital display for a better control of the operations;
  • A technological system to deliver live food (rotifers, Artemis,…) thanks to the activation of a pump to collect it, which is connected to an 8-litre tank. The living plankton inside the tank is continuously homogenized thanks to an air pump;
  • An induction charger for greater safety and robustness;
  • An RFID scanner identifying the aquariums to know the number of fish present, and thus deliver the right amount of feed according to the number of fish in each tank;
  • An extension system at the level of the hose support allowing the device to adapt to the main brands of aquariums on the market (Aquaneering, Techniplast, Pentair);

Feeding your fish is simplified. With the FISHGUN L2 in your hands, you will be able to :

  • Improve the accuracy and reproducibility with which you feed your fish;
  • Save time to perform operations;
  • Reduce the musculoskeletal disorders of zootechnicians;
  • Have a versatile solution to feed your fish at all stages of their development.


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