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Reader / Encoder for NTAG213

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Read and encode your RFID tags with the NFC reader/writer

This reader/encoder is used to program the RFID tags provided for this purpose. Feel free to watch our tutorial video explaining how the reader/encoder works and how you can program, modify, and delete data on your tags.

This reader/encoder finds its usefulness with the purchase of the Fishguns (semi-automatic solid and liquid food dispenser), which has an RFID scanner. This equipment is intended to simplify the work of zootechnicians in petshop facilities. Indeed, the scanner of the Fishgun reads the data on the tag and then dispenses the necessary quantity of feed to feed the aquatic models (e.g. zebrafish).

Extract from the NFC Shop website:

The most common NFC Player and Encoder with USB cable, for desktop and mobile devices, compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and Linux.



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