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PH+KH Test in sea water tank

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Saltwater test


DKH and pH are much related to each other. There are many life forms in the salty tank that absorb carbonates. Calcareous algae are one of them. By a constant consumption, these carbonates that are responsible for our Alkalinity buffering system get depleted which leads immediately to higher acidity causing pH to decline. This critical relationship between pH and DKH must be detected on a regular basis.

By adding Royal Sodium Bicarbonate we make sure to keep our carbonates in the range of 8-10 DKH and in this way keep our pH in the desired level of 8.2-8.4

pH in a saltwater aquarium should be increased very slowly, preferably not more than a 0.1 increase over a 24 hour period.

For that reason, we have developed this powerful tool of Royal pH and DKH professional test kit, giving you the ability to measure DKH and pH in one step. If DKH is measured by you constantly day after day as it should be, then in the same time and no more steps you get also the pH readings with just an extra look into another chart. This test will give you the confidence that the close relationship in your tank between DKH and pH is kept and coral skeletal growth is not interrupted.


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