Royal Golden Bacteria Balls


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For the good health of your aquarium


ROYAL GOLDEN BACTERIA BALLS is another innovative powerful tool helping you to get:

  • Crystal clear, healthy water​
  • Simplifies nutrient control; reduces Nitrogen and Phosphates​
  • Reduces unwanted algae growth​
  • Removes organic waste products​
  • Increases skimmer efficiency and reduces cleaning intervals​
  • Eliminates bacterial blooms and detritus build-up​
  • Supports natural bacterial flora​
  • Provides cost-effective and efficient means of nutrient control​
  • Improves polyp expansion

Thanks to the unique bacteria choice, a steady supply of diverse bacteria cultures and enzymes can be added to the aquarium. The dramatic change in the traditional concept is that those special bland bacteria are released slowly to the water and help to maintain the tank with maximum stability. This innovative product has been specially developed for saltwater aquariums and will not cause uncontrolled nutrient imbalanced.

As soon as the ROYAL GOLDEN BACTERIA BALLS are introduced into the aquarium, the bacteria begin its activity and reduce nitrogen and phosphates. Royal golden bacteria balls offer the advantages of an automatic daily bacteria dosing without the need for multiple doses per week.

Use: 5-10 balls per 100 liters of water replace every 7 days.

A convenient dispenser is available.

Do not overdose the dispenser.


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1000 ML, 500 ML

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