Planktovie for aquariology

Planktovie / Planktovie for aquariology

Planktovie joins the aquarium market!

Aquarists can now benefit from our high quality products based on the rigor of our scientific protocols.

Our planktonic nutritional solutions engage aquarists in optimal research and choice for their animals and aquatic fauna.

Our Products

Growing Micro

Growing Micro is a highly stable feed exhibiting excellent physical characteristics suitable for all life stages, from newly hatched fish (fry) to young adult.

Growing Micro - Asta +

The “ Asta +” version of Growing Micro is enriched with astaxanthin for boosting the colors and the immune system of marine fish.


Rolien® is specially designed to strengthen the colors of corals, increase the survival rate of alvins and other reef carnivores feeding on small zooplankton.


Phyto-Feast® is a blend of marine microalgae reco- gnized by many researchers for its nutritional qualities.