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Natural Algae-based Powder for the complete production of rotifers.

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ORI-ONE is a natural, algae based powder for the complete production of rotifers. Rotifer production represents a critical control point in successful larval rearing. The need to utilize the highest quality rotifers in terms of nutrition and vitality is essential, and the implications of utilizing sub-optimal rotifers is understood to contribute significantly to early larval rearing issues.

Conventional rotifer production is based on separate culture periods followed by an enrichment period. ORI-ONE has been developed to offer excellent rotifer reproduction and measured nutritional incorporation without the need for a separate enrichment, thereby reducing the eutrophic and handling stress and improving overall rotifer quality and production efficiency.


Moisture(%)Proteins(%)Oil (%)n-3 HUFADHA/EPA
5561737mg/g DW>5


Storage and Packaging
ORI-ONE has a shelf-life of 24 months from date of manufacture and should be stored in a cool (max 20 Degrees Celsius) and dark, dry place. Once open, ORI-ONE should be utilized within 1 month and kept sealed in a refrigerator. ORI-ONE is packaged in 1.5 kg food grade Alufoil Pouches.


Special discounts apply for academics.

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Weight 1.5 kg


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