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Peristaltic Pump, 1 ch


1 channel, for automatic feeding of zooplankton culture

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KAMOER K-F01A is a mini peristaltic pump mainly used to quantitatively add aquarium additives, such as Ca, Mg and KH supplements or zooplankton (rotifers, artemia, daphnia, etc). It easily maintains water quality and greatly reduces the user workload.

Small and powerful

LCD Display, Key operation, Friendly man machine interface
Support adjust speed, can adjust to the required speed by adjust knop
Real time clock, support regularly starts and stops
Interval run time can be set, support circulation, support running period
Calibration function
Dosing times 96 times/days – 1 time/4days
Each time, dosing liquid 1ml – 1000ml

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


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