World Events :

AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2024 will have the largest aquaculture trade show in the Western Hemisphere and one of the largest anywhere in the world with nearly 200 booths! This is your opportunity to inspect the latest in products and services for the aquaculture industry. It is the place to visit current suppliers and make new contacts. To keep ahead and to keep profits building, you need to keep pace with the technological advancements in the industry – and AQUACULTURE AMERICA 2024 is the place to do it!

18 – 21

FEBRUARY 2024 San Antonio, Texas

Schedule :

The Annual Drosophila Research Conference is the premier meeting for Drosophila researchers. As many as 1,000 presentations will cover the full diversity of Drosophila investigations, from genetics to molecular biology, cell biology, development, immunology, physiology, neuroscience, evolution, and more. In addition to the invited speakers in the Plenary Sessions and abstract-driven Platform Sessions, the 2023 meeting will feature an Equity and Inclusion Plenary Session, Techniques and Technology Platform Session, attendee-organized workshops, and a wide range of professional development and networking events.

This year’s Annual Drosophila Conference Organizers built the conference around a central theme: “Pay It Forward.” The theme offers a way for us to reflect on our intentions as scientists, cultivate an inclusive community of knowledge-sharing, and take responsibility for these values going forward.


European Events :

AQUA 2024 will take place from August 26-30 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. It will comprise a scientific conference, trade exhibition, industry forums, workshops, student events and receptions. The event will highlight the latest aquaculture research and innovation to underpin continued growth of this exciting food production sector.

It will be a showcase for Denmark, and its innovation leadership in several key technologies crucial for future aquaculture, but also a meeting and exchange platform for experts from around the world.

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SETAC Europe 2024 will bring together scientists from various disciplines in academia, business/industry and government to share, debate, discuss, disseminate and facilitate the use and re-use of their most recent scientific knowledge to support adaptive and responsive environmental management and protection.

The breadth of topics that SETAC Europe 2024 will address includes:

  1. The environmental fate and effects of emerging and existing pollutants and their mixtures, at cellular, organism, community, population and ecosystem levels;
  2. The development of solutions to reduce, replace and regulate the use of known pollutants;
  3. Strategies and methods to mitigate and remediate contaminated soil, air and water;
  4. Innovations to foster more sustainable practices in agriculture, waste treatment, resource management and more; and
  5. Life cycle thinking approaches including supply chain data collection, impact assessment modelling and footprinting methodologies.

Events in France :

Magnus Group welcome you to the, pioneering force in the realm of knowledge exchange and collaborative initiatives! We are thrilled to extend our cordial invitation to you for the “4th Edition of the World Aquaculture and Fisheries Conference (WAC 2024)” set to take place from June 24-26, 2024, captivating participants worldwide through a Hybrid format that seamlessly blends in-person experiences in the enchanting city of Paris, France, with the convenience of virtual engagement from the comfort of your home or workplace.

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