Our Vision

Planktovie’s vision is to develop nutritional solutions meeting the highest standards for the maintenance of your aquatic animal models, and helping to fulfill the 3Rs principles (Reduce, Refine, Replace) in relation with animal experimentation.

Nutritionally Optimized Animal Models
The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is now recognized as a preferred animal model for advanced biomedical research. Planktovie provides nutritionally optimized, live zooplankton as well as algae-based feeds to dramatically improves the survival, growth, and rapid maturation of your zebrafish.
Biosecure Live Prey Feeds
Planktovie maintains its zooplankton culture systems in a biosecure facility. Our products are rigorously tested to confirm that they are free of pathogens known to be harmful to aquatic animal models, especially zebrafish. In summary, if zebrafish are not in good health, experiments cannot produce good data !

Our Executive Team

Jean-Louis Kraus
Jean-Louis Kraus, PhD

Jean-Louis is Professor Emeritus at Aix-Marseille University, former Professor at McGill University. He has an extensive background in the creation of start-ups such as Trophos, which was recently acquired by Roche, Switzerland.

Olivier Detournay, PhD
Founder, CSO

Olivier holds a Ph.D. (ULB, Belgium) in the immunology of cancer, and has carried out extensive laboratory and field research using various animal models, including aquatic organisms such as zebrafish and cnidarians. His unique tropism for the valorization of basic research makes him a key player to the business development within startups.

Djela Okoko
Digital Director

Djela's background in the field of communication and UX design puts him in a leadership position with organisations facing the web and digital revolution. His vision for Planktovie focuses on this intersection between business strategy, user goals, web technologies and life sciences.

Our Advisory Team

Eric Röttinger, PhD

Eric is team leader at IRCAN (University of Nice) and has advanced expertise in molecular and cellular developmental/regenerative biology of marine invertebrates, including cnidarians.

Ana Catarina Certal, PhD

Ana Catarina is the head of the zebrafish platform at the Champalimaud Foundation in Lisbon, recognized worldwide for its expertise in the development of genetically modified fish models.

Eric Henry, PhD

As CSO of Reed Mariculture, Eric works on algal and zooplankton culture and leads the development of new products.

Our Products

Planktovie supplies the growing demand from European zebrafish research communities for nutritionally optimized live zooplankton, as rich and complete food for zebrafish and other aquatic animal models.

Our products meet the most stringent sanitary standards. New batches of plankton are started with eggs after disinfection treatment. Our sentinel program has been implemented to detect pathogens in our in-house cultures. For getting started, we provide plankton starter cultures, equipment and all the support necessary for growing your own batches. We are also experts in shipping logistics wherever you are located in Europe. Consult our catalogue online for more information on our products.

Special discounts apply for academics. 

Request a Quote
With over 15 years’ experience in R&D using aquatic animal models, we have a profound understanding of how to optimize their general health, growth, and reproductive capacity.

Our multidisciplinary team can leverage our global network to generate solutions if  they do not yet exist. This frees you to focus on your research and accelerate your scientific endeavors in your field of interest.

For any request, please contact us.


Planktonic culture has been gaining renewed interest over the last decade because of its diverse applications in advanced fields ranging from biofuel production to the development of new drugs and nutrient solutions.

With its expertise in the planktonic culture, PLANKTOVIE wishes to engage in an ambitious R&D program to promote planktonic species in the fields of nutrition and biomedical applications.

Zooplankton for nutrition

Phytoplankton for biomedical applications



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Planktovie is located in Marseille, in the South of France, in a dynamic environment combining biotech companies and top-ranked academic researchers in immunology, developmental genetics and biology of cancer and aging.

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