Innovation for aquatic animal research

PLANKTOVIE develops and markets nutritional solutions that meet the highest standards for the maintenance of aquatic organisms. Our products are used by many research centers and hatcheries around the world. PLANKTOVIE now makes them available to the aquarium market. Our offer includes:


We offer a set of nutritional solutions for aquatic models such as zebrafish and the most delicate ornamental organisms such as reef fish and corals. All our solutions are approved by many professionals, scientists and amateurs. In addition to their effectiveness, we guarantee their health status by regularly testing approved organisms (IDDEXX). You will find dry food (GEMMA MICRO, Growing MICRO) and preserved plankton (Reef Nutrition) or live (rotifera, daphnia, artemia, microalgae, etc.), as well as the protocols and equipment necessary for their cultivation or distribution (FishGun ).


We also offer a range of products for the maintenance of aquariums and water quality. Our selection of natural salts (Royal Nature) has been made with great care to meet the needs of very demanding organisms such as fish and corals. Our means of controlling certain nuisances of the aquarium such as ammonia outbreaks (CloramX), cyanobacteria (RedSlim) and aiptasia (Aiptasia controller) will finally provide solutions to your recurring problems. Our tests (Royal Nature) very easy to use, economical and precise will allow you, in a jiffy, to control the status of good health of your aquatic installation.

Services & Consulting

With more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance and breeding of aquatic organisms we have a deep knowledge of the problems you may encounter in breeding your experimental models (eg zebrafish), maintenance of your aquarium (public or private) or your aquaculture system (fish farm, hatchery …). Take a look at our trainings, we are sure we have the one that fits your needs. Entrust us your challenge, and we will be happy to answer it as soon as possible, putting into action, if necessary, our vast network of experts. Our team consists of technicians, researchers and sales people, all of whom have only one desire, to make your project a success!


For meeting the growing demand on the market, we have established distributorship agreements with these globally renown brands

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  • Blue Invest Day 2020

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  • Congress 2020 at the “Hawaii Convention Center”

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