Cutting method to multiply your corals

Over time, the corals will become more numerous, but you must be patient.
For the less patient, it is possible to use the cutting method. Like plants, this consists in taking a part of the species and replanting it further. Here, we are going to talk about coral cuttings and therefore about clinging. The goal is that it can attach itself to its habitat and develop.
The first step is to take the cutting. This step must be done carefully with a scalpel or another sharp object. During this process, the coral can close on itself but this lasts a few days at most.
To hang it, the most suitable support remains the living rocks.

There are several methods to achieve a new cutting. For example, with a rubber band or a thread and a needle, the coral can attach itself again. You just have to move the cutting to the chosen place and attach it with thread or elastic. However, this technique is not 100% reliable, especially if the coral is too tight.
For each coral, one technique will have more chance of working than another.
This is why the choice of glue is also effective. For this, the support must be clean and dry before being put back in the water with the cutting.
For soft corals, it is necessary to use a glue type glue and for hard corals a bi-component glue is more adapted.
Cement, bio polymer resin, epoxy and cyanoacrylate are 4 glues that can be used as a technique to maintain your coral cuttings. It is up to you to make your choice on the market.

Finally, the new coral must be protected from all types of stress.
Once the process is respected, it is rather easy to do and allows to multiply a good number of your corals.