What size fractions are available from Growing Micro?

Growing Micro 75 (50-100 microns), Growing Micro 150 (100-200 microns), Growing Micro 300 (200-500 microns) and Growing Micro 600 (600 microns)

What is the nutritional profile of Growing Micro?

Protein 59%; Lipids 14%; 0.2% fiber; Ash 14%; 1.3% phosphorus; Calcium 1.5%; Sodium 0.7%; Vitamin A 23000 IU / kg; Vitamin D3 2800 IU / kg; Vitamin C 1000 mg / kg; Vitamin E 400 mg / kg. For more specific nutritional information, please contact us.

At what age can I start feeding with Growing Micro 75 and how often do I feed my larvae with?

Growing Micro 75 can be used as a starter for newly hatched zebrafish larvae. Food can begin 5 days after fertilization. Reservoirs with newly hatched larvae should be fed Growing Micro 75 ad libitum at least three times daily.

What are the good storage conditions of Growing Micro?

It is strongly recommended to keep the Growing Micro pots in the fridge.

From what stage of development can I start feeding my fish with Growing Micro?

As soon as your fish are able to feed you can start feeding them with Growing Micro which has been specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of even the most delicate fish such as marine fish and larvae. Depending on the stage of development of your fish: Growing Micro 75 (75 μm = 0.075 mm) for newly hatched fish Growing Micro 150 (150 μm = 0.150 mm) from the 5th day post-hatching Growing Micro 300 (300 μm = 0.300 mm) from the 15th day post-hatching Growing Micro 600 (600 μm = 0.600 mm) from the 30th day after hatching to the adult (fish of 6-7 cm max; clownfish, mandarin, etc.).

What is the benefit of Astaxanthin in Growing Micro?

The “Asta +” version of Growing Micro is enriched with Astaxanthin to boost the colors and immune system of marine fish and invertebrates such as corals, sponges, sea squirts, clams, etc.