What size fractions are available from GEMMA Micro?

GEMMA Micro 75 (50-100 micron) GEMMA Micro 150 (100-200 micron) GEMMA Micro 300 (200-500 micron)

What is the nutritional profile of GEMMA Micro?

Protein 59%; Lipids 14%; 0.2% fiber; Ash 14%; 1.3% phosphorus; Calcium 1.5%; Sodium 0.7%; Vitamin A 23000 IU / kg; Vitamin D3 2800 IU / kg; Vitamin C 1000 mg / kg; Vitamin E 400 mg / kg. For more specific nutritional information, please contact us.

At what age can I start feeding GEMMA Micro 75 and how often should I feed it with the larvae?

GEMMA Micro 75 can be used as a starter for newly hatched zebrafish larvae. Food can begin 5 days after fertilization. Reservoirs with newly hatched larvae should be fed with GEMMA Micro 75 ad libitum at least three times daily.

At what age can I start feeding GEMMA Micro 150 and how often do I feed it to juveniles?

The transition to GEMMA Micro 150 can be done about 15 days after fertilization. Feed ad libitum thrice a day until the transition to GEMMA Micro 300.

At what age can I start feeding GEMMA Micro 300, and how often do I feed it to sub-adult and adult breeding fish?

The transition to GEMMA Micro 300 can be done about 30 days after fertilization. Feeding can be done twice daily for sub-adult fish and once a day for adult fish spawning. GEMMA Micro 300 is large enough to feed adult fish.

What feed rate should I use with GEMMA Micro 300 when feeding adult fish?

Feeding rate can start at 5% of body weight at the sub-adult stage and decrease to 3% during the spawning period in adults.

Should I use Artemia when feeding GEMMA Micro 300?

It is not necessary to feed Artemia to zebrafish. It has been proven that feeding GEMMA Micro 300 once a day replaces Artemia and gives equally good or better results in terms of spawning performance, fecundity and egg quality.

What studies have been conducted to validate GEMMA Micro as a complete diet for all life stages of zebrafish?

The effects of feeding frequency on growth and reproduction in zebrafish (Danio rerio). Aquaculture 368-369 (2012) 103-108.

What is the effect of GEMMA Micro on the survival of the complete life cycle?

When compared to control groups fed with Artemia + dry diets, the GEMMA Micro program resulted in better survival when measured at 30 dpf and 90dpf (Barton 2015).

What is the effect of GEMMA Micro on reproductive success and fecundity when used as a replacement for Artemia in adult fish?

When compared to control groups fed with Artemia + dry diets, treatments administered only with GEMMA Micro 300 resulted in higher reproductive success, more embryos produced by spawning and significantly higher lifetime embryo production .

Can GEMMA Micro help me simplify processes in my lab and reduce costs?

Absolutely! GEMMA Micro can not only save on the direct cost of consumables (Artemia cysts and algae), but also on all the work associated with maintaining these processes in the laboratory. The capacity of the live food preparation room no longer determines the usable area for housing the fish.

Where is GEMMA Micro manufactured and according to which regulations / directives? What is the sanitary condition at the factory?

GEMMA Micro is manufactured at Skretting France located at 24 Le Pont de Pierre in the town of Fontaine Les Vervins in FRANCE. Skretting France is certified ISO 9001: 2008, Global GAP and AFNOR. Feed production at Skretting France strictly complies with EU regulations on feed production and is authorized by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Veterinary Services. The feed line for GEMMA Micro is managed according to strict health guidelines. For example, after each series production or maximum 15 hours of operation, there is a phase of cleaning and compulsory disinfection of the production line. All raw materials for the production of GEMMA Micro are kept in plastic bags or large bags filmed on pallets, separate

What is the shelf life of GEMMA Micro? How long can I use it once the bag is open? Can I freeze GEMMA Micro to extend the shelf life of open bags? How about vacuum sealing smaller aliquots?

GEMMA Micro is immediately packaged under nitrogen to remove oxygen from the bags. In addition, specialized packaging for GEMMA Micro prevents the entry of oxygen into the sealed bags. Thanks to this packaging and the confirmed nutritional analysis of the samples selected, GEMMA Micro guaranteed the composition for 2 years from production on unopened bags. Once opened, the product should be used within 30 days of normal storage (refrigeration). Vacuum sealing can extend the shelf life, but care should be taken not to compress the diet too much to alter its physical properties. GEMMA Micro can be placed in a freezer to extend the shelf life close to the expiration date. Care should be taken not to freeze with moisture in the bag or during defrosting when moisture can form from the condensation.

Can I "wet" the power supply of GEMMA Micro or must it be dry-fed?

GEMMA Micro can be fed into tanks in water using a water bottle. The duration of the “wet” diet should be short. For example, feed only one side of the rack at a time, then reload the bottle. Do not shake the bottle. Mix by flipping the bottle several times before feeding the tank. Do not store GEMMA Micro in water.

Can I use GEMMA Micro in feed dispensers or automatic feeders?

GEMMA Micro has excellent free-flowing physical characteristics. Food will remain free to agglomerate in a properly closed container. This aspect is innovative in the diet, making it exceptional for hand feeders, programmable feeders, feeding robots and belt dispensers.

What is the smallest size package for GEMMA Micro?

GEMMA Micro 75, 150 and 300 are available in units of 0.5 kg bags.