We understand that technical issues do arise when dealing with complex aquatic environments – Have a question about one of our products or your saltwater aquarium? As experts and Royal Nature, we will help you. First, check out our list of FAQS at the bottom of this page which provides answers to many common questions. If you have another question and haven’t found an answer on our website, e-mail a question info@planktovie.biz to one of our technical specialists.

What is the difference between ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT and other brands ?

ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA basic Salt (NACL) is produced by solar energy evaporation from pure tropical seawater, it contains all macro and micro elements in the exact proportions found in tropical sea water where your fish and corals come from, and therefore will give them the best results.

Does ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT contain any heavy metals or Nitrates / Phosphates?

ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT has never contained any metals or Nitrates / Phosphates. We chose the best pharmaceutical salt that, together with our special advanced formula, optimized the macro elements of CALCIUM – MAGNESIUM – POTASSIUM, as well as ALKALINITY and PH, to meet the highest requirements of reef tanks.

What is the right way to mix ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT with water?

Always add the salt mix to the water and not the other way around. Always allow newly mixed salt water to circulate with a power head or air stone for 24 hours or at least overnight before use. This allows the carbon dioxide in the aquarium water to reach equilibrium with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which normalizes pH. It also adds oxygen.

When does the salt is ready for use in the aquarium?

The resulting salt water is ready for use when the salt is completely dissolved and the best results are at temperature of 23 -25 c / 73-77 F. Check ppt levels and add salt or water to achieve the exact levels before addition to the tank. We recommend mixing to a specific gravity of between 1.025-1.027 ( 33-34 ppt) – 1 kg of ROYAL NATURE salt to 30 liters of water (2.2 lb to 8.0 US gallons).

After dissolving ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT in R/O water, my calcium and/or magnesium concentration seems lower than expected. Why?

The advanced ROYAL NATURE salt formula was developed in Israel, after a long and comprehensive research study of the real needs and necessities of the modern reef aquarium. Therefor is formulated to provide a solution with levels of calcium and magnesium found in natural seawater considering you use R/O water to dissolve the sea salt. The ppt salinity of NSW is typically 34-35 ppt. When dissolved in R/O water to a ppt of 34-35 ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT should provide a solution that has 420 mg/L calcium ion and 1350 mg/L magnesium ion. If ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT is dissolved to a lower ppt salinity, then these concentrations (and, in fact, the concentration of every other ion) will be proportionately lower.

My ROYAL NATURE ADVANCED PRO FORMULA SALT will not dissolve properly. I noticed a cloudy solution with sediment at the bottom of the mixing container. Why?

The most common cause of poor solubility is moisture. Some of the compounds like MgCl and CaCl used in sea salts are very hygroscopic, meaning they readily and quickly draw moisture from their surroundings. If your sea salt has any “clumps” or hardened sections, then this is a sure sign that moisture has been introduced. Sea salt that has absorbed moisture may dissolve with the addition of aeration. There is no effect on the quality of the salt . The best way to avoid moisture in your sea salt is to re-seal the container immediately after use.