Exeter Zebrafish Workshop

Workshop on Improving Welfare and Reproducibility in Zebrafish Research We are proud to have supported the "Improving Welfare and Reproducibility in Zebrafish Research Workshop", held recently

RAM-ANEXPLO-ZEFIX Day March 28, 2024

An odyssey in the ocean of life   Thursday, March 28, 2024 on the SupAgro site in Montpellier. You will find all the information in the program. You have

FELASA 2022 : Latest news on animal research

Scientific conference on animal research     The FELASA Congress is the largest European laboratory animal science event, which takes place every three years in Europe. We were

The frog : a research model for years

To develop treatments and better understand diseases, the use of animals as research models is often widespread. In addition to the ethical questions about animals used

The boxer crab

  The boxer crab or pom-pom crab is a small crab with a body of 2 to 2.5 cm maximum. It lives near the Great Barrier Reef,

Shoals of fish

  A shoal of fish is a group of several fishes very organized. This one allows its inhabitants to live in full health while being protected.

The memory of a goldfish

  Today, we are going to approach the subject of the memory. This indispensable function allows us to retain information. To follow an urban legend, fish and

The jellyfish

  Belonging to the family of cnidarians, jellyfish are mainly those tentacles filled with stinging cells containing poison that make its fame. But beware, they are not

Temperature of your aquarium

This article is aimed at all aquarium owners. On the second day of summer, the heat can begin to make itself felt in many cities