Stérilisation d'un bac après quarantaine de poisson

Steps for sterilization after the quarantine of a fish

Sterilization of a container having been used for quarantine purposes

Today we are talking about sterilization after about 40 fish or batches of fish. Whether the quarantine is successful or not, it is important to sterilize all the material used before reusing it for the next quarantine.


Here are the (very simple) steps for sterilization:

Drain all the water from the aquarium, leaving all the pvc elbows, heater, thermometer and other equipment used inside.
Fill one quarter of the aquarium with fresh water from any water source. Then you can sterilize it either with bleach, in which case pour about 5 cl in water, or vinegar, in which case half a cup will be sufficient.
Use an old cloth or sponge to wipe each piece of equipment individually (thermometer, PVC elbows, pipe, etc.), as well as the walls and bottom of the aquarium.

Once this is done, drain the water and refill the aquarium with fresh water to rinse and empty. Take out each piece of equipment to rinse them individually, then rinse the aquarium once empty.
Set each piece aside to dry for a minimum of 72 hours to ensure that every nook and cranny is completely dry. Drying is the most important part of the whole process!

These are simple steps within everyone’s reach, but essential to improve the success of the next quarantines carried out.

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