FISHGUN L1 user guide

Zooplankton dispenser for zebrafish

Feeding your fish is now easier :

The FISHGUN L1 is a semi-automatic live feed dispenser specially developed for aquatic facilities and aquaculture nurseries.

  • Enhanced accuracy and reproducibility
  • Time-saving operation and reduced labor costs
  • Reduced musculoskeletal disorders to zootechnicians
  • Adaptable for feeding the entire zebrafish life cycle

The Fishgun has an LCD screen for better control of operations, and an RFID scanner to identify tanks and deliver the right amount of feed. In Addition, the semi-automatic dispenser is ergonomic for ease of use without effort.

Once you get the Fishgun, this manual will help you get the most out of it.

To visualize the complete user guide, please follow the link below (it can be printed and downloaded) :


page de garde user guide L1