FELASA 2019 : The latest news on laboratory animals

Gathering of the scientist community on animal research


Felasa entête logoThe FELASA Congress is the largest  European laboratory animal science event that takes place every three years in Europe. We were very pleased to attend the FELASA 2019 in Prague for the first time, and we are excited to know that the next one will take place in Marseille, our lovely city, in 2022.

The FELASA Congress gathers the scientific community working in the animal research field to offer us the current knowledge on the use and welfare of animals in experiments, and how to make improvements in these areas.

Prague view city center

Prague, Tyn Cathedral of the Virgin Mary at sunset


Many conferences allow exchanges of ideas and conversations between visitors and exhibitors. This event allows participants exhibiting to show their latest work, equipment and materials for working with laboratory animals.

We have participated to the Congress as exhibitor to show in exclusivity our innovative dry feed dispenser specially design for pet shop facilities working with zebrafish, The Fishgun D1. It has attracted many participants for getting more information on how it works in direct live.


distributeur de nourriture solide pour poisson zèbreThe Fishgun completes the needs of Reseachers and managers of zebrafish platforms for :

  • Its easy adaptability for feeding the entire zebrafish life cycle,
  • Its accuracy and reproducibility,
  • Its time-saving in operation and diminution of labor costs
  • Its diminution of musculoskeletal disorders to zootechnicians.


It was the occasion to use the GEMMA MICRO feed in the same time to present the high quality of this feed developed by Skretting.

We could also present our rotifer culture protocol thanks to the Compact Culture System that answers their needs (the assurance of a high quality enriched feed and pathogen free to feed their zebrafish).