Fireworms in an aquarium

Fireworms are a group of species including Eurythoes sp., Linopherus sp., Pareurythoe sp., Hermodice carunculata… This family consists of worms that are beneficial to your aquarium as well as harmful.

As you know, worms can appear in your reef aquarium. Often we think they will eat our corals. So yes, a species of fireworm is able to eat both hard and soft corals. But this is not the case for all species of this family.

On the contrary, many are harmless and can help regulate the ecosystem of your aquarium.
Eurythoes are, for example, a scavenging species that consumes elements of organic matter or dying organisms. They also produce larvae capable of feeding corals. They are an integral part of the decor of the aquarium. Nevertheless, its population must be monitored so that the ecosystem can regulate itself and is always in place. Indeed, if you see a large number of worms this could cause an imbalance for your other species that feed on detritus and organic matter such as shrimp.

To recognize which species of worms has settled in your aquarium, we recommend aqua portail which groups many of the different species. The most dangerous of the worms are red on the outside with white bristles where venom can cause a burn.
If you have any doubts, do not touch without protection.
Don’t worry, they only come out very rarely and curl up in a very small sheltered space.