The water change : a step not to be neglected

As you know, water changes must be done regularly to maintain a healthy ecosystem.
In this article, we will go back to this essential step that allows to stabilize the habitat of your marine species.
This stability must be observed at each change with analysis tests.
You can find a multitude of tests to control your water parameters with Royal Nature products.

This change is a solution to eliminate organic waste in an organized way, but also to reproduce the circulation of water.
In the natural environment, the ecosystem takes care of the regulation of the system with the accumulated waste that is transformed into basic components to be re-assimilated by the various aquatic animals and plants. In an aquarium, the metabolic chain of the ecosystem is often incomplete and some components remain unassociated and can become toxic to fish and corals by accumulating.
An aquarium is a closed circuit tank that does not allow liquids or solids to escape.
Some public aquariums are connected to the sea or ocean directly for ease of maintenance, but this is not the case for aquarists’ aquariums.

Changing the water also maintains the concentration of dissolved elements in the aquarium water. This action counteracts the loss of elements consumed by the growth, reproduction or else death of marine species.
We recommend that you change 10% of the volume of water in your aquarium on a weekly basis.

In our office, we do a weekly water change ourselves. We start by preparing the water to the salinity and temperature of the aquarium, several hours in advance, and then follow a set protocol.
Salinity is constantly read to ensure no shock occurs. Pumps and lifts are turned off during the water change as well as the UV lamp. Cleaning is done with a hose to remove all sedimentation on the rocks and in the sand. Filters and membranes are rinsed. And we don’t forget to check the main parameters of the aquarium water with analysis tests right afterwards. We test the calcium, magnesium, KH hardness, pH and every month the nitrates and phosphates with the Royal Nature tests.
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