To maintain the colors of our marine species

This is one of the issues to realize after buying cuttings in an aquarium store.
Corals specifically are to be watched carefully for vibrant colors.

Light is a key factor for coloration. But not only for its intensity but more for its light spectrum. It is thanks to the wavelengths contained in the light that colors are formed. The blue part of the spectrum is vital to stimulate the fluorescent pigments.

In a previous article, we explained the phenomenon of symbiosis and zooxanthellae. To maintain the bright colors of your corals, there is a correlation between zooxanthellae and photosynthesis.

Indeed, the concentration of zooxanthellae by the coral is an important factor in the coloration of corals. As well as the number of fluorescent pigments and non-fluorescent colored ones that determine the color we can see of our corals.

Another factor that affects the beauty of your marine species is nutrients. These at a high concentration increase the chances of getting dull colors.
You must then favor a low level but still find a balance for the well-being of your animals.

Experiments have been conducted to demonstrate the impact of alkalinity and trace elements in this problem. Today the hypothesis still exists.
We all want to have corals with beautiful bright colors but the elements to be applied are not always excellent for their health. That’s why any change must be done gently so as not to stress the animals.

What methods do you use to ensure that your reef aquarium is always brightly colored?