When stress sets in in your aquarium

You have probably already heard about stress in animals and more particularly in fish. This phenomenon is common and is the result of an uneasiness in the animal.
This stress is the cause of a weakening and therefore a drop in immune defenses that can lead to a pathology.

To avoid complications, it is important to know the sources of stress, all of which are more or less important.
A change of water can cause stress, but will never be experienced as a sudden change of water parameters.

A poorly adapted food is a source of stress for the fish which does not find all its nutritional needs when eating.
For each species, an aquarium size is recommended. It must allow the animal to swim freely in a reasonable space.

There are many other sources of stress for aquatic animals that every aquarist should be aware of.
Now that we know where it comes from, we need to know how to recognize a fish under stress.

For this, some behaviors do not lie. It will either be more isolated by hiding and becoming hyperactive or more aggressive. In any case, you will notice a change in behavior. By observing your animals a little bit every day, you will be able to automatically detect a sudden change whether it is physical or mental.

As you can see, reducing stress in your animal is a research task, because by finding the source, you can eliminate it and avoid complications.

For reef aquariums, corals are also sensitive to any sudden change that could eliminate them. It is this change that causes coral bleaching.

How do you deal with stress in your aquarium?