Zebrafish Disease Models (ZDM): From animal model to disease models

Ties continue to build with the zebrafish research community!

This time it was in Leiden in the Netherlands that this community came together to share the latest advances in medical research conducted with this animal model. The ZDM conference (Zebrafish Disease Models) focuses on the study of diseases made possible with zebrafish.

The Zebrafish Disease Models Society is organizing this event to promote the approach around the world and raise awareness of the importance of this field of research.

Together with our Dutch partner Fleuren & Nooijen, we had the opportunity to showcase our nutritional solutions for zebrafish between July 10th and 13th at the University of Leiden where the conference was being held.

Our rotifer culture protocol has particularly attracted the attention of participants, researchers and managers of platforms dedicated to zebrafish. Among their needs: the assurance of a high quality feed and free of pathogen.

The solutions we propose have found their echo, also through the influence they have on the quality of research data.