Growing Micro Asta+ (40gr)


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High-quality dry feed for aquatic animals 


Growing Micro is formulated with a high percentage of soluble hydrolyzed marine proteins, HUFAs, phospholipids, and algae resulting in improved reproduction performances of all fish. Several studies have reported that Growing Micro resulted in higher survival, growth, and fecundity when compared to other dry diets. Growing Micro is a highly stable feed exhibiting excellent physical characteristics suitable for all life stages, from newly hatched fish (fry) to young adult.

Depending on the life stage of your fish :

Growing Micro 75 (75 µm = 0,075 mm) for newly hatched fish,

Growing Micro 150 (150 µm= 0,150 mm) from 5days post-hatch,

Growing Micro 300 (300 µm= 0,300 mm) from 15 days post-hatch,

Growing Micro 600 (600 µm= 0,600 mm) from 30 days post-hatch to adult (6-7 cm max; clown-fish, mandarin, etc).

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150 µm, 300 µm, 600 µm, 300 µm, 150 µm, 75 µm, 600 µm, 75 µm

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