Triton Lab’s ICP-OES tests


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What is the ICP test (inductively coupled plasma)?


Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES):

It is a sophisticated analytical technique for measuring a broad spectrum of macro-elements and trace elements. To do this, it splits your water sample into constituent atoms suspended in a plasma burning at 10,000 ° C. ICP-OES provides a detailed snapshot of the macro-elements and trace elements of single sample preparation, each element is measured thousands of times during a run.


An easy-to-use analysis tool:

Thus with Triton Lab’s ICP tests, you can have an inventory of the quality of your breeding water. This test kit is easy to use, you just need to fill the test tubes (supplied with the kit) with water from your facility. Then you send these samples to the address of the analysis laboratory indicated in the kit. Once the seawater analysis is complete, TRITON publishes the results to your online account and sends you an email.

Because we are both guardians of reefs and chemists, we have simplified the interpretation of the results. This is done via our traffic warning system. In addition, our algorithms provide detailed information about the problems encountered and how to solve them. See TRITON METHOD for more details.

Yellow light should catch your attention, while the red light is a call to action. Simply click on the fire and a summary of the required corrective actions (including dosages) will appear. Do you still have concerns? We are here to help you. Visit our forums or write us directly.



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