Micro artemia cysts 430 µm – 300 npg (0,5 kg)


Very small nauplii for first feeding of delicate marine fish larvae.

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Typical performances

Micro Artemia Cysts are very small, fast-hatching cysts. Under optimal conditions,  hatching will be completed within 16-18 hours to obtain optimal prey size.

Hatching efficiency

Hatching 1 gram of Micro Artemia Cysts results in more than 300 000 nauplii. The time needed for 95% of the cysts to hatch out is approximately 18 hours.

Enrichment kinetics

We do not recommend to enrich, as the instar I nauplii naturally contain more than 15 mg/g dry weight of highly unsaturated fatty acids (mainly EPA).

Another benefit of this product is that the instar I nauplii have a lenght of +/- 430 µm, which is ideal for first feeding of small and/or delicate fish larvae. Therefore enrichment is not advised, as this procedure will increase the length of the nauplii very fast.

Special discounts apply for academics.

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
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