RFID tag holder (Aquaneering tank)


Sold in batches of 1000, 10000 and 100000

FishGun accessory – RFID tag holders


5 units of RFID tag holder are offers with the purchase of a FishGun D2 or L2. If you need more, we provide you with ready-to-use RFID tag holders so that your FishGun (D2 or L2) fits perfectly whatever the type of aquarium your facility has. To use it, fold the T-shaped part, put it on the aquarium with the lid up, then put the aquarium lid back on. This way, the holder is fixed, you can attach your RFID tag to it, and use your FishGun normally.

This holder is proposed for Aquaneering aquariums because some sides of their tanks are slanted. Besides, the RFID mode of our FishGun, which implies a reading of the tag affixed to these faces, can only be done when the tag is positioned well in front of the FishGun scanner. We make sure to adapt our FishGun to all the brands of aquariums present on the market, thanks to this tag holder, you can use our devices even if you own Aquaneering aquariums.

If you don’t own an Aqueneering aquarium, this holder can be useful if you want to have a solution to clean your aquariums without having to remove your RFID tags from the tank each time, at the risk that they might not stick properly anymore after some time.


2 options are available to acquire those tag holders :

  • Buy directly from the website in batches of 1000, 10 000 or 100 000 and be delivered to your facility
  • Download the tag holder file and print it yourself.

  RFID tag holder file 


Here are the right paper references to print the tag hoders :


120µm water resistant thickness :


145µm thick and water resistant :


195µm thick and water resistant :





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