Triton Lab’s N-DOC tests

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What is an N-DOC test? (Nitrogen-Disolved Organic Carbon)

The N-DOC test targets nitrogen compounds, dissolved organic carbon and alkalinity at high resolutions:

It is now possible to balance and control the nutrients that affect the abundance of bacteria, cyanobacteria and algae in your closed breeding system.

Use the TRITON ratio (N: C: P *) to manage nutrient sources and control their influence on the health of fish, corals and also bacteria and algae in aquariums and farming systems.
(* Note: the P value is measured separately via a recent or manual ICP test)

A test to solve many problems:

Eliminate the problems caused by blind dosing. Use this test to solve problems and determine the need for water changes.

It will help you solve common problems such as tissue necrosis, harmful bacteria, algal blooms and cyanobacteria. Finally, you can measure the true alkalinity without external influences.



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