Chemistry is omnipresent in our societies. Many professions are closely linked to it, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, research and hospital industries. This training aims to reinforce the knowledge of “Chemistry – part.1” through practical work and exercises. The learner will therefore have the opportunity to familiarize himself with the basic equipment of a chemistry laboratory. In addition, this training session will also be an opportunity to consolidate the material acquired in the first part of the chemistry course by confronting the learner with a series of exercises.

The first part of the training : Chemistry Part 1

The training can be done in French or English.

Course program :

It can take place in Inter-company, Intra-company or Video-conference.

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For who ?

This training is intended for anyone who is confronted with the manipulations of chemistry and who has not received the necessary practice.

How ?

Thanks to professionals in the field and training structures adapted to your desires, your training will be personalized.

Why ?

The training is interesting to invest you in a new professional activity, to develop your knowledge, to deepen your knowledge or to update your skills.

Skills acquisition

  • To sit the acquired material
  • Familiarize with the basic equipment of a chemistry laboratory

Other trainings available :

Cost of the training : 


5400€ TTC (including 900€ of TVA)

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