Microalgae : boost a zooplankton culture

In a previous article, we discussed the subject of microalgae.
It is by developing on the most known: spirulina and chlorella that we had concluded this writing 🟩.

In addition, we decided to gather our knowledge on this vast subject. The goal is to get closer to microalgae more specific to the research field 👨🔬.

LPB Shellfish Diet is a concentrated product of 3 marine microalgae widely used in filter-feeding invertebrates.
It consists of Tetraselmis sp, Thalassiosira weissflogii and Thalassiosira pseudonana.

👉 Tetraselmis sp is a large green flagellate with high lipid content and natural amino acids ideal for shrimp or other marine species. It is an interesting microalgae for its concentration in cholesterol and taurine.

👉 Thalassiosira Weissflogii is a large diatom used to grow shrimp and/or shellfish. It has chlorophyll allowing it to give it its oscillating color from brown to yellow-green. This alga is considered by hatcheries as the best alga due to its large cell size.

👉 Thalassiosira pseudonanna is a small diatom excellent for crustaceans. It has a high content of EPA type fatty acids (20.5% fatty acids) and also DHA (6.3% fatty acids).

The mixture of these 3 powerful microalgae, brings an increase in the nutritional value of fish. This will increase their growth.

From now on, you know some essential marine microalgae to boost or reproduce a culture of zooplankton, shrimp, mussels etc…

📍 Tell us in comments which are your favorites?