New comers to the Impulse Incubator

As new comers to the Impulse Incubator, we are now ready to continue our contribution to the biotech innovation ecosystem in the South of France and across Europe! The Impulse Incubator is an inter-university incubator based in Marseille, France. It supports “innovative projects based on public research and promotes the setting up of perennial companies”. Our pitch and presentation to the Impulse selection committee was led by Olivier Detournay (CSO and Founder).

The positive outcome of this process is great news. It shows an interest in our position as providers of optimal nutritive solutions for emerging aquatic animal models – the zebrafish most notably. It also put forwards the role that our solutions can play for biomedical research and drug discovery. The human and financial support of this unique public incubator will help PLANKTOVIE play this role.