The skimmer : essential for the physico-chemical balance of your aquarium

The skimmer is an essential part of your aquarium.
In addition to a basic filter, it allows the removal of harmful substances. This can be excrement, food scraps, plant waste, proteins or amino acids. It has disadvantages for plankton, chlorophyll, iodine or trace elements which are also sucked out.
It is generally composed of a column acting as a scum collector. This column brings water and air into contact, creating air bubbles that concentrate the organic substances.

It is the accumulation of these bubbles that creates the foam that is collected in a container that must be emptied and rinsed daily. It is thanks to the skimmer that you will obtain a good oxygenation of the water.
Several models of skimmers are available on the market.
Injection skimmers characterized by a venturi system.
The “counter-current” skimmers that have two pumps.

To choose your skimmer, we advise you to take into account the number of inhabitants in your aquarium. Hard corals are less accepting of organic waste than soft corals. The high population of aquatic organisms will also result in a lot of skimming. Ease of disassembly due to daily cleaning of the unit is a consideration when making your decision. Particular attention should be paid to the size of the bubbles, which should be neither too small so as not to rise to the surface too quickly, nor too large, which would lead to immediate destruction.
For the place of the skimmer, you can opt for the outside or in the settling tank of your aquarium.

In conclusion, the skimmer is an indispensable tool for the proper functioning of your saltwater and reef aquarium. It removes disabling and harmful substances from your marine species through the interaction between water and air.