Clownfish : the reference in aquariums

Recognizable by its orange-red body and white stripes, the clownfish is the reference of small fish 🐟. 💭 Contrary to what we may think, there are

Snails for your aquarium

Snails 🐌 are generally known to live in a terrestrial environment, some species are able to acclimate to an aquatic environment 🌊. Within the class of

Threatened sea turtles

Often grouped in the family Chelonioidea, sea turtles ðŸĒs are characterized by a carapace more or less covered with scales. This family consists of 6

When stress sets in in your aquarium

You have probably already heard about stress in animals and more particularly in fish. This phenomenon is common and is the result of an uneasiness

Plants with benefits for your aquarium

Plants are not only decorative elements in an aquarium. They have their place for several reasons that we will detail in this article. Main hiding places

Sea urchins in a reef aquarium

These marine animals are very popular with the public who rush to taste them every year in spring. Current regulations allow sea urchin fishing from