The anatomy of fish

The anatomy of fish The anatomy of fish is part of the vertebrate family with a skull and spine. From there, lateral developments form the bones. The

The octopus : fascinating animal

The octopus and its peculiarities The octopus has long been studied for its intelligence thanks to its nervous system of more than 50 million neurons like

PH in an aquarium (Hydrogen potential)

PH is important for a healthy environment in an aquarium In nature, temperature and PH changes are slower due to the volume of water. In aquariums,

Help to clean your aquarium

Aquarium cleaners : species capable of maintaining  Maintaining a plant balance in an aquarium can be difficult. Tropical tanks are in fact always heated, which favours

11TH European Zebrafish Meeting

The 11th European Zebrafish Congress was held on 26 and 27 October 2020. It is the largest European meeting for zebrafish users. The conference covers a

The blue whale

The blue whale: the largest marine mammal on Earth Blue whales are part of the cetacean family and remain the largest animal on Earth. They can reach

The richness of our oceans

Gold at the bottom of the oceans In our previous articles, we have highlighted the main reserves of the oceans. We showed the wealth of our