Natural Salt Bucket (Ion Balanced Pro)


In 10 kg buckets (for 675 L at 15ppt of culture water)

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Natural salt bucket for marine aquariums

A healthy marine aquarium with Royal Nature

Royal Nature’s Natural Salt (Ion Balanced Pro) is a new high quality formula. It is a special blend of pure salt naturally enriched with macroelements. We have added to this salt a delicate mixture of micro-elements to obtain a homogeneous balanced preparation of all ions. This special preparation allows Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro to be ready for use only 30 minutes after mixing and dissolving in water. This is possible without the need to let the water stand or oxygenate it.

Royal Nature Ion Balanced Pro is made using high quality products in terms of chemical purity free of ammonia, phosphates and nitrates. This gives a more efficient mixing method and allows to obtain crystal clear water with the best parameters. This mixture will ensure the best results to produce the most natural, clearest environments for even the most delicate fish and corals.


Weight 10 kg



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