Improve the visual organization of your laboratory with electrostatic labels

Electrostatic labels 

If you wish to improve the visual organization of your laboratory, we recommend tu use electrostatic color labels.
We use RFID chips (NTAG213) for their speed in data transmission to complement our Fishgun.

We recommend you to get electrostatic color labels for a stonger visual organisation and avoid potential errors from your staff, in your laboratory.
Indeed, you can devote one color for each number of live fish in your aquariums or one color for each stage of development or one color for each type of granulometry used.

For example :

– Blue for 1 fish
– Red for 5 fishes
– Green for 10 fish
– Orange for 15 fishes
– Pink for 20 fish
– Yellow for 25 fish
– White for 50 fish

We recommend a core size of 1″ to be able to use one tag for two RFID chips.
You only have to equip yourself with these tags to have a visual reminder of the number of fish in each aquarium.

The link to get the electrostatic tags (pack of 500 only) :

Here is the complete protocol of use of the Fishgun which also contains the instructions to encode the RFID chips with the encoder :

L2 :



As well as a short video on the encoding of RFID chips: