Electrostatic labels


Coloured electrostatic labels to improve the organisation of your laboratory.

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UbiCling™ labels


Size : 2.125″ x 1.375″ / 54mm x 35mm

Core : 1″ / 25mm

Colours : Blue, Pink, Orange, Green or Red

Labels/roll : 100 (20 of each colour)

Perforation : Yes

Temperature range : -45ºC to + 82ºC / -49ºF to +180ºF

These electrostatic labels attach to a variety of smooth and non-textured surfaces with static cling properties. They can be easily repositioned on flat and slightly curved surfaces without leaving residue on removal, making them ideal for temporary labelling of delicate surfaces.

We recommend that you purchase these coloured electrostatic labels for better visual organisation to avoid potential mistakes by your laboratory staff.

We use RFID chips (NTAG213) for their speed in transmitting data to complement our Fishguns.

Benefits :

  • Adheres using static properties, ensuring they never leave adhesive residue on removal
  • Ideal for temporary identification or colour coding
  • Reusable as they can be repositioned on multiple surfaces
  • Printable and writable by thermal transfer with permanent markers and pens


Here is the link to our protocol on electrostatic labels : https://planktovie.biz/en/protocols/improve-the-visual-organization-of-your-laboratory-with-electrostatic-labels/


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