FELASA 2022 : Latest news on animal research

Scientific conference on animal research



The FELASA Congress is the largest European laboratory animal science event, which takes place every three years in Europe. We were very pleased to attend the 15th edition of FELASA in Marseille this year in 2022.

The FELASA Congress brings together the scientific community working in the field of animal research to share the latest news and knowledge on the proper use of animals during experiments, as well as on their welfare.

The numerous conferences allow exhibitors and visitors to exchange ideas. The event allows exhibitors to show their latest work, equipment and materials for working with laboratory animals, and visitors to learn about new developments and improvements in this field.

We participated in the Congress as exhibitors to show our latest equipment for the maintenance, welfare and feeding of zebrafish. Our equipment attracted many visitors interested in seeing their workings live and we were able to provide them with information and answer their questions afterwards.

Our equipments present on stand :

FISH GUN D2 : Semi-automatic dispenser for solid food (powder, granules, etc.).
FISH GUN L2 : Semi-automatic live food dispenser (Artemis, Rotifers, etc.).
SPIN TOUCH : Allows you to perform all freshwater or saltwater analyses for you in only 2 minutes.
HYDRA L : The simplest automatic benchtop cell counter for counting your rotifers, daphnia… (soon available in our store)


We were also able to present our rotifer culture protocol thanks to the Compact Culture System which meets their needs (the assurance of a high quality and pathogen free food to feed their zebrafish).